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Abhi Barthakur Sun Mar 8 2015 at 2:18 pm
Shaligram Timeline ... in detail
Subject:  Shaligram Timeline ... in detail
From:  "Abhi Barthakur"
Date:  Thu, October 30, 2014 1:01 pm
To:  "Alpana Barthakur"
Priority:  Normal

Event time line

Oct 27th -- Monday - as usual day left for work , 10 am appointment with Allison.

Oct 28th -- Morning  Monavi said she is depressed and fell like dying. Very depressing day for me, walking around the house,
sitting outside near the chicken coop, looking at the sky.
around 11:30 ish, went to take shower. I was crying
uncontrollably while uttering 16 name of Vishnu, and when
the "Narayanam tanu tyage " stanza came to my mouth, I
completely broke down in heavy tears.  Did complete puja,
called shiva vishnu and ended it with  "mantra hinam, kriya

At 3:54 PM Hasu sent text two msg from work  "Feeling very Depressing" , "Just Feel like escaping"

At around 8 PM or so, I sat in the temple, Hasu gave me 3 pokori. She was shocked as why I was sitting at the temple.  I looked at the coconut from lakshmi puja,  poured all the water from Shiva linga's bath tumbler, in to my glass and drank it. Then I broke the coconut, and emptied the coconut water  on to the  shiva lingam.  Peeled one half of coconut and kept it right there
near the alter.

Oct 29th -- Still felling depressed, Hasu and we agreed that everything has a reason, and she left.  At 11:36 AM, hasu sent me a text to check if I am okay " Everything OK"

Hasu came back from work, and found me working in the trailer, she went all the way over there to show my the stones that she got in the cookie bag -

claiming it is Gandaki Shaligram and showed me a printout.  I looked and went back to work.

After sometime I came back to work, and saw the half peeled coconut is on the kitchen countertop - may be anavi brought it. Looking at it, I asked hasu, "Can you dip some  magu mah prasad in the water, it would be nice to eat with coconut"

Oct 30th -- Got up early for inspection appointment at 9AM. went to shower around 8:10. Finished my shower, and before I started my "tryambakam yajamahe ..." mantra I  called  hasu, to put both stone near the temple alter, because once I start "Tryambakam ... " mantra I will not speak until I came out from temple. I went to temple, then went to green house to bring Tulsi paat, gave
bath to siva linga and Shaligrams , offered tulsi paat, as I was offering tulsi paat, i heard anavi calling my name from behind, I finished my tulsi paat offering and turn around to see a plate full of mah prasad and Lakshmi's coconut in her hand. I offered it to the alter -- to both shiva and bishnu. finished my puja.

went to office --- in mind connecting all the dots from me crying in the shower on 28th to this morning puja.

came back from office, took care of the goats, and felt hungry. Went to the temple, ate 1/2 place of prasad thinking Vishnu --- Om Bojaneshya Janardanam.

it is now 12:59 I  finished typing this paragraph!!

Hari Om tatsat.

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