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Abhi Barthakur Sun Mar 8 2015 at 2:35 pm
Why Shaligram came ?
I think on 5th or 6th september, I put the shivalingam  in the mandir, and for the first time, gave him bath and offered  a tulsi paat, thinking its a shaligram, then the next day I wanted to verify by calling Mr. Shingal. He asked me to send the picture.  The response i received via email is below.

When I started giving Milk, instead of tulsi paat to Shivji, Vishnu MUST HAVE decided to come on his own in a SUPERNATURAL way !!!

I DO NOT believe in  coincidence ANYMORE !

By the way, BOTH these stones were found by my wife - Alpana.

----- email ----
Himanshu Singhal (Google+) 9/7/14

to me

hello there ,
This is not vishnu (shaligram) , this is shiva (shivalingam) , which is polished stone (not narmadeshwar) . This stone is natural but polished one .
Shaligram stone comes from gandaki river nepal , every stone of gandaki river nepal is known as shaligram , it may be different in shapes & lakshna's .

We can guarantee upto any extend the pic's which u show here is not of shaligram (vishnu) , it donates the shiva (shiva lingam) .

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