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Abhi Barthakur Sat Aug 15 2015 at 6:15 pm
Pitru rin - I have to do pinda daan tomorrow for my late father
I am keeping the brat today. Tomorrow I will try to do the "pinda daan" on the southern corner of my property, where I have a memorial for him where I also buried his belongings and ashes.

Just found this article, which  worth reading - and learn why we need to do this. 

There are 3 rin ( rin means debt , means as a human you owe three type of these rin or debt)

1.   Dev Rin is of Lord Vishnu it is cleared by Daan (donation),

2.     Rishi Rin is of Lord Shiv it is cleared by achieving knowledge and sharing it and,

3.   Pitru Rin is of Lord Brahma it is cleared by childrens by doing Pind Daan after their Ancestors.

you can read the whole article here:


here you will learn about significance of number 108

1= god, 0= emptiness  and 8 = infinite.

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