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Abhi Sat Jul 2 2016 at 3:07 pm
lingastakam - english translation
brahma-murari-surar-chita-lingam, nirmala-bhasita-sobhita-lingam
janmaja-dukha-vinasaka-lingam, tat-prana-mami sada-siva-lingam (1)

I bow before the sada-Shiva-linga, which is adored by Brahma, Vishnu and other Gods, which is
praised by pure and holy speeches, and which destroys the cycle of births and deaths.

deva-muni-prava-rarchita-lingam, kama-daham karuna-kara lingam
ravana-darpa-vinasana-lingam, tat-prana-mami sada-siva-lingam (2)

I bow before the sada-Shiva, the destroyer of cupid, which the Devas and the sages worship,
which is infinitely compassionate and which subdued the pride of Ravana.

sarva-sungandhi-sulepita-lingam, buddhi-vivar-dhana-karana-lingam
siddha-sura-sura-vandita-lingam, tat-prana-mami sada-siva-lingam (3)

I bow before that sada-Shiva, which is lavishly smeared with variegated perfumes and scents,
which elevates the power of thought and enkindles the light of discriminations and before which
the Siddhas, the Suras and Asuras prostrate.

kanaka-maha-mani-bhusita-lingam, phani-pati-vestita sobhita-lingam
daksa-suyajna vinasana lingam, tat-prana-mami sada-siva-lingam (4)

I bow before that sada-Shiva, the destroyer of Daksha's sacrifice, which is decorated with
various ornaments, studded with different gems and rubies and which glows with garland of the
serpent Lord coiled around it.

kum-kuma-chandana-lepita-lingam, pankaja-hara-suso-bhita-lingam
sancita-papa-vina-sana-lingam, tat-prana-mami sada-siva-lingam (5)

I bow before that sada-Shiva, which is smeared with saffron and sandal paste, which is adorned
with lotus garlands, and which wipes out all accumulated sins.

deva-ganar-cita-sevita-lingam, bha-vair-bhakti-bhirerva-ca lingam
dina-kara-koti-prabha-kara-lingam, tat-prana-mami sada-siva-lingam (6)

I bow before that sada-Shiva, which is worshipped by the multitude of Gods with genuine
thoughts full of faith and devotion and whose splendor is like that of a million suns.

asta-dalo-pari-vestita-lingam, sarva-samud-bhava-karana-lingam
asta-daridra-vinasana-lingam, tat-prana-mami sada-siva-lingam (7)

I bow before that sada-Shiva, destructive of all poverty and misery in its eight aspects, which is
the cause of all creation and which stands on the eight pedaled lotus.

sura-guru-sura-vara-pujita lingam, sura-vana-puspa-sadar-cita lingam
parat-param paramat-maka lingam, tat-prana-mami sada-siva-lingam(8)

I bow before that sada-Shiva, which is the Transcendent being and the Supreme Self,
worshipped by all the Suras and their Preceptor (Brihaspati), with inmuerable flowers from the
celestial gardens.

limgas-taka-midam punyam yah pathet siva-sanni-dhau
siva-loka-mavap-noti sivena saha mogate

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