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Abhi Sun Aug 28 2016 at 4:26 pm
The UTMOST happy day in MY LIFE !!
O' all the human, animal, tree, birds ...

For last 50 years of my life, if not the whole 50, but at least since I started working and earning material things like money, I have been giving you all something or the other from time to time. That includes, clothes,  jewelry, cash money, computers, money to purchase car, or build a house... etc etc ...

But today, is the day I was waiting for YEARS, to give MYSELF the most pleasing, most calming, most beautiful, most valuable gift.

A bilba patra !

Since the day, I put you in my heart at my basement, i was relentlessly trying to get a fresh bilba patra, my bhagaban !  What a miracle you did yesterday, my bhagaban !! we were NOT supposed to go that way, you blocked our road, moved us elsewhere, and used  Bamangi to please me !!!

EXACTLY 23 years after I left india.  August 28th, 2016

And not only that, you both came to take your offering, O Hara and O Hari !
Om Namah Haraya !

you can try http://HaraHari.org/bilba_patra.ogv for faster download

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