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abhi Sun Sep 10 2017 at 10:03 pm
Shiva Left Rishikesh and came here

Posted at : The Chakra

What happened to this statue ??? DO you know ??? Where did he go ? Can you EVEN guess ?? Do you think its a coincident ??
Let me tell you what happend to THIS Shiva, He left Haridwar, and came to me.
In the month of february, 2013, my wife I were talking about making a prayer place. We have a 100 year old house, and there is a basement — kind of better that a crawl space, ceiling is barely 7-8 ft. So we made a small prayer place, and we were talking of what murti we going to put. Immediately I said Shiva. Both of us were looking on Ebey, and other online store looking for a good size shiva to put on raised platform we made in our basement. After looking all the picture of various statue on online store, we DID NOT like any. So we searched for Shiva statue picture on google. The one we like the most is the one above on this post. I said that – we will have it made by a sculptor. After searching on craigslist, we found a guy named Preston Young of NYC, ready to make the shiva out of clay for $1200. This is february, 2013. After I made the initial payment, he started sending me progress of shiva statue every 2/3 weeks. (see the progress on left hand side at http://HaraHari.org)
Guess WHAT !!! the Face of the Shiva completed EXACTLY on last week of June, 2013 — AND THATS when Haridwar had a flood, and their Shiva washed away. THATS the EXACT shiva I have it in my home — AND HARIDWAR COULD NOT REPLACE THE EXACT SHIVA EVER !! the serenity, the half smiley face of My Bhasmu Dhulita Bigrahaya, could be NEVER recreated in Haridwar nor in Rishikesh, BUT I have it here at my dirty little basement… this is where he belong. He ditched Haridwar, and came to me. Because, I am HIM ….
Oh, by the way, Preston’s wife is very scared of the statue, and Preston avoids my like I am ghost EVEN though I paid more than what the contract says. As of today, he NEVER picks up the phone.
thanks for reading … I DO NOT believe in coincidence any more
Abhi Barthakur @ http://barthakur.com

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